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  • Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC for NACE certified cathodic protection management, system design, risk assessment, contract services and equipment manufacturing for oil and gas pipelines.
  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) sectional meeting in Midland, Texas featured Joe Gallo’s presentation on the Excalibur Shield internal pipeline corrosion system with liquid and solid sample collection, microbial induced corrosion MIC analysis, and weight loss coupon for monitoring MPY metal loss.
  • The pedigree of our products and procedures date to 1991, our management team certifications include NACE Coating Inspector Level 3, NACE Corrosion Technologist, NACE Internal Corrosion for PipelinesEnergy Worldnet Master Evaluator, and Veriforce Evaluator. We value culture, the diversity of our customers, and have tremendous respect for the nature of our business.
  • Internal Pipeline Corrosion. We invented the Excalibur Shield, the world’s best approach to internal pipeline assessment and monitoring utilizing a weight loss coupon and internal sample collection for bullet proof pipeline analysis. For more info, please see Excalibur Shield.
  • Pipeline Coating Inspection, Application & Monitoring. We provide expert pipeline coating inspections, cathodic surveys, coating applications and remote monitoring. As an ISNetworld Member, our system design includes RMS millimeter voltage monitoring, PosiTector DPM environmental conditions, and client custom built test stations and rectifiers.
  • Test Stations, Junction Boxes and Rectifiers. We design, manufacture, install and ship client customized test stations, junction boxes, negative and positive bond boxes, and cathodic rectifiers. Safety, regulation, performance, ease of installation, and cost effectiveness go into the test station design and manufacturing.
  • Cathodic protection is a proven technology for preventing the corrosion of metal pipes and metal structures that are subjected to harsh environments or in direct contact with soil. The Cathodic protection method uses a complex network of rectifiers and buried anodes to provide a specific voltage to the metal that requires corrosion protection. This network of power sources must be monitored to ensure proper operation by monthly or annual manual inspections of the predetermined test paths. The significant times between inspections has lead to significant exposure to corrosion during failed conditions. Electronic monitoring reduces the time between inspections from months to seconds, and limits the exposure to corrosion resulting from failures by communicating timely information to the host.
  • For all services listed, we welcome your Request for Proposal.
  • For more information, please call (432) 230-6955.

Our client list includes Access Midstream, Advantage PL, Alpha Crude Connectors, American Midstream, Canyon James Lake & Grerson Springs, Carrizo Permian, Celio Vista, Embassy Natural Gas, Energy Transfer, Enterprise, Kinder Morgan, Kinder Morgan El Paso, Medallion, Navitas, PennTex Permian LLC, Plains All American, Plains Marketing, Reliance, Tema Oil and Gas Company, Turpin Engineering LLC, Vitol, and West Texas Gas.

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