Direct Assessment | Pipeline Integrity Management

Direct Assessment is a cost effective and preventative measure to assess pipeline integrity. We utilize pipeline inspections, software tools and reporting to assess the pipeline conditions and enable you to act upon issues before they become a problem. We inspect and assess pipelines, storage tanks, elevated water tanks, well casings, underground tanks, apartment complexes and gas stations.

elevated water tank repairelevated water tank inspection

Pipeline Integrity Management includes the direct assessment and full suite of cathodic protection services to maximize production of your pipeline assets. Our company and employees are based locally in Midland, Texas, and serve West Texas and New Mexico.

For regulated and non-regulated assets, we provide comprehensive oversight of the pipeline coating inspection from excavation to direct integrity inspection. Our technicians custom build and install all cathodic protection equipment including test stations, junction boxes and remote monitoring rectifiers with RMS multi-meter voltage monitoring.

Atmospheric Corrosion Survey | Storage Tank Coating Surveys

Cathodic, Native, Baseline, On, On and Off atmospheric corrosion surveys measure the environmental conditions affecting pipeline corrosion. Surveys include relative humidity, ambient temperature, surface substrate, dew point, wind velocity and difference between surface and dew point temperatures according to NACE.

We use the following tools to conduct surveys;

The rate of corrosion decreases In lower temperatures and increases in higher temperatures. Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Annual Surveys of pipelines and crude oil storage tanks provide for seasonal differences and includes date-time stamps and GPS location for superior metrics when organizing survey information.

atmospheric corrosion surveyatmospheric corrosion survey

Pipeline Coating Inspections | Coating Application Inspections

We conduct expert pipeline coating and application inspections in Midland, Odessa and Permian Basin. The non-destructive inspection process includes cathodic surveys, pipeline to soil potential, soil sampling, pH measurement, rectifier installation, rectifier repair and interpreting rectifier data. Assessments are prepared using specialized software to meticulously analyze corrosion data on metal loss, cracks, geometric faults or irregularity.

We customize our services for each client starting with small area quantity testing or bulk area testing for larger pipeline systems. All services including monitoring, excavation and back-fill are completed by Operator Qualified personnel.

Need a Cathodic Inspection Expert Opinion? We mitigate the risk by providing expert second opinions on oil and gas pipeline coatings for all diameter pipelines. Call us for an expert 2nd opinion with scientific results, before ordering the back-fill.

As a member of ISN Networld, we bring clients and contractors together creating a safer work environment and long lasting partnership. ISN Networld records and maintains safety, insurance, quality, and regulatory information on contractors. Using ISN Networld, our customers effectively manage all suppliers and contractors across multiple sites and geographic regions saving time and improving safety.

pipeline coating inspectionpipeline coating inspection

Pipeline Coating Application Services

We perform pipeline coating applications on oil and gas pipelines in Midland, Odessa and the Permian Basin. As certified coating application inspectors, we employ quality control measures on all projects.

Pipeline coating applications are done for small area coating repair or full scale coating of large pipeline systems. On pipelines and crude oil storage tanks, the coating application consists of impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP), junctions boxes, test stations and rectifiers with RMS millimeter voltage remote monitoring. Reporting is also submitted for regulated pipelines.

Junction boxes are used for positive and negative current distribution, control and resistance bonding. Negative Junction boxes are custom designed using impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP). An ICCP system consists of a rectifier with anodes connected to a DC power source often using power from solar panels, wind turbine or gas thermal-electric generator. We design and manufacture junction boxes to fit your custom specifications.

Early corrosion detection and proactive maintenance mitigates pipeline risk. With the installation of Elecsys and Bullhorn remote monitoring units, our customers receive accurate and timely data enabling effective corrosion mitigation and prevention.

midland pipeline coating applicationmidland pipeline coating application

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