Legacy of Cathodic Protection Solutions, LLC

Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC was established by current CEO Joe Gallo Jr. with headquarters in Midland, Texas. In 1985 when Joe was a young man finding his way in life, he was offered a job in the oil and gas pipeline fields of West Texas by a reputable service company. Like an epiphany, Joe immediately found his calling in life and set forth on a life long career in cathodic protection.

In 1991, after years of impressing customers with an innovative passion for cathodic protection and a demonstrated investment in customer relationships, Joe was awarded research and development contracts to engineer proposed technological improvements to both cathodic protection and internal pipeline corrosion systems.

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction, always providing courteous and responsive service to our customers in order to create a truly satisfactory and long lasting customer experience. The tremendous Pedigree of our products is a result listening very carefully to our customer requirements and addressing all safety, environmental and regulatory requirements.” Joe Gallo, Jr

Today, Cathodic Protection Solutions is globally unrivaled in cathodic protection and internal pipeline corrosion products and services worldwide. Word of our extensive knowledge, dedication to perfection and signature products has spread across the United States and globally, we are now the dedicated service provider of Plains All American Pipelines LP and many more.

Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC is responsible for the corrosion risk assessment and monitoring of pipeline and tank assets of major oil and gas companies, our consulting services provide highly accurate flow rates, internal corrosion rates and chemical rates. Accurate internal pipeline analysis, will in turn produce the most effective utilization of biocides, inhibitors, solvents, and paraffins to mediate MIC influenced corrosion inside the pipeline. Lastly, we manufacture our own products.

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Joe Gallo Jr. professional certifications include NACE Coating Inspector Level 3, NACE Corrosion Technologist, NACE Internal Corrosion for PipelinesEnergy Worldnet Master Evaluator, and Veriforce Evaluator.

Cathodic protection is the prevention of corrosion and metal loss in pipelines and crude oil storage tanks subjected to harsh environments or direct contact with soil. Cathodic protection companies use a complex network of rectifiers and buried anodes to provide a specific voltage covering the metal service to prevent corrosion. The network of power sources are remotely monitored using rectifiers and inspected monthly or bi-monthly, and annually, for proper operation. Regular inspections reduce the time of exposure during failed conditions preventing corrosion and unrecoverable metal loss in pipelines.