Networld ISN Certified Contractors

We are Networld ISN Certified Contractors with over 25-years experience in oil and gas pipeline management and consulting. Our comprehensive pipeline contractor services include field surveys, internal pipeline corrosion assessment & sampling, external pipeline coating inspection and remote monitoring.

isn certified contractors

Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC is comprised of NACE certified corrosion experts specializing in cathodic system design, installation, monitoring, cathodic protection surveys, atmospheric surveys, pipeline coating inspections and internal pipeline corrosion management, ISN contractor services, and custom cathodic equipment repair and manufacturing.

Safety is our top priority, and ISN Networld is paramount in our effort to maintain the well being of all people and nature surrounding our operations. The distribution of oil and gas in pipeline systems can potentially be catastrophic if safety guidelines are not followed. In 2014, we subscribed to the ISN Networld platform for the basis of our operator qualifications, insurance certifications, safety operations, and vigorously maintain our annual certifications with ISN Networld.

Today, we have embraced the entire ISN Networld platform including; Hiring Clients which generates high quality new business prospects, Agent Broker for managing all client insurance submissions with a simple email or phone call, and email notifications for certification renewal dates. We have attended ISN Networld user groups and annual conference as a vital way of process improvement, and awaiting our first ever TRIR and EMR ratings in early 2017, a 3-year subscription requirement.

At Cathodic Protection Solutions, LLC, we understand the nature of our business, and the implications of not following safety and operational guidelines. ISN Networld is a vital part of our business operations now and in the future of oil and gas pipeline consulting and management services. We are located in Midland, Texas, and serve clients globally.

For onsite consulting, please call (432) 230-6955 or complete a Request for Proposal.